According to Sudan House Hold Survey 2010, nearly 40% of households in Sudan have no access to clean drinking water. Prevalence of child malnutrition is high, at 31.8% in 2010 with a 2015 target of 15%. Although the under-five mortality rate per 1000 live births declined from 130 in 1990 to 78 per 1000 in 2010, maternal mortality rate was estimated at 216 per 100,000 live births in 2010.

Primary Health Centers

Conflict in Western Darfur has increased the number of people streaming into refugee camps. There are approximately 1,873,300 Internally Displaced People (IDP) in Sudan, a significant number of them in Darfur, where there is limited access to health care.

United Muslim Relief has partnered with Human Relief Foundation, UNFPA, UNCIEF, WHO, Baitulalmaal, Zakat Foundation and Islamic Help to implement a joint emergency health intervention in an effort to improve the dire health status of war-affected people in El- Geneina, in the West Darfur State.

To date 48,872 outpatients have been seen in the El Reyed and Abuzar camps and a further 30,000 IDPs have been seen in the Terbaba region.