Water, Environment & Sanitation Program

Over a period of time, Water and Sanitation (WASH) has become the signature project of UMR, striving hard to ensure the provision of safe drinking water to rural as well as urban areas of Pakistan. Supported by various assessment reports, UMR recognizes that a vast majority of Pakistan has no access to safe drinking water. Even the urban centers of the country are no exception to this reality. Similarly, there are cities like Faisalabad where water contamination level has reached above 80 %.

So far, UMR has completed multiple projects across the country to provide safe drinking water to the people at their door step.

Program Objectives

  • Improve access, utilization of safe drinking water and promote sanitation & hygiene practices
  • Promote environment conservation initiatives and provide alternate energy solutions

Reaching to the people of Tharparkar

Tharparkar is known for recurrent droughts and calamities, with little, if any, state level intervention to address such issues on long term basis. The area is battling with even a more devastating drought spell at the moment, resulting into men and material loss at an alarming level.

After a careful ground assessment, UMR along with it’s partners on the ground, have decided to initiate a number of long term projects at Tharparkar to ameliorate the socio-economic status of the people of the area. To begin with, it has started an especially designed project to overcome water scarcity in the area.

Installation of solar pumps

Availability of safe drinking water is undoubtedly the biggest issue the people of Tharparkar are confronting with at the moment. On self-help basis, they normally dig wells, as deep as 300-500 feet, to obtain water which is highly contaminated. However, they have no choice but to use it for drinking purpose as well.

An equally displeasing fact is that human push carts are used to obtain water from these wells which is both infra dignity and time consuming. UMR has introduced a totally new concept of installation of solar pumps in the area which are self-evidently run on solar energy. In the first phase, villages at Islam Kot Tehsil are being provided with these pumps.

In the second phase, many more vulnerable villages would be provided with this facility and it would be ensured that local people are imparted due skill to install and repair these pumps to create income generation opportunities for them.