The Gambia is one of the smallest and poorest countries in West Africa, ranking 168th out of 187 countries in the United Nations Development Program’s 2011 Human Development Index. Poverty is widespread, pervasive and predominantly rural. Approximately three quarters of the rural population is classified as poor.

Orphan Sponsorship

There are over 1,000 orphan children in the street of The Gambia without formal education and in desperate need of financial support. Majority of children have lost at least one parent at an early age and have nobody to take care of them. While the government is trying its best to support children in need, the number of orphans is increasing every day. Many of the children in need of sponsoring have never attended school.

Through UMR’s Orphan Sponsorship Program orphans are provided the support necessary to receive an education to help our children reach their full potential. Your generous donations pay for food, clothing, education and medicine for all children.