Myanmar is considered to be one of the countries at highest risk of natural disasters in Southeast Asia. Rakhine (and Kachin) States are where humanitarian needs and vulnerability of people remain at critical levels. Humanitarian needs have significantly increased in some areas over the last two years, with the most urgent stemming from the anti-Muslim violence in Rakhine State. For decades, hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims have lived in Rakhine State, near Myanmar’s border with Bangladesh. Long denied citizenship and freedom of movement by the government of Myanmar, they face a mounting humanitarian disaster.

Rohingya Emergency Appeal

The Rohingya community from Myanmar (Burma) is fast-becoming one of the world’s forgotten peoples. With hundreds of thousands of people in camps or stranded at sea with no access to the fundamental needs to sustain their lives, the ethnic Rohingya are in desperate need of emergency food, shelter, and medical aid.

In the past 12 months, UMR has been working to deliver life-saving emergency food aid to Rohingya communities in Rakhine State. This Ramadan, we have expanded our efforts and are distributing aid inside Burma and in camps across Asia. We will be providing life-saving food, water, clothing and shelter to those in desperate need.

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Food Aid

UMR is providing vulnerable families affected by the communal conflict in the Rakine State of Myanmar with culturally sensitive food packs which adhere to international Sphere standards. So far we have helped over 1500 individuals in the villages of Tin Bi Village, Ta Pai Village and Sae Tha Mar Village.