More than 30 years of war, tension, and insurgent violence have left a heavy toll on Afghanistan’s institutions and its way of life. According to UNDP’s 2012 Human Development Report, the country ranked among the lowest countries, ranking 175th. Factoring into this low score are endemic challenges of poverty and a high dropout rate for children (54.6%).

Nearly half of Afghanistan’s children have never set foot in a classroom.

Orphan Sponsorship

There are an estimated 2 million orphans in Afghanistan and with the most vulnerable group in any disaster zone or war zone being children; the highest risk is for those children who have no father. Thousands of orphans in Afghanistan go on to suffer from chronic malnutrition and the widespread occurrence of micro-nutrient deficiency. Many of the children in need of sponsoring have never attended school.

Through UMR’s Orphan Sponsorship Program orphans are provided the support necessary to receive an education to help our children reach their full potential. Your generous donations pay for food, clothing, education and medicine for all children.