Orphan Care

The Problem

It is estimated that 153 million children worldwide, ranging from infants to teenagers, have lost one or both parents.

The number of young children being orphaned is increasing: families torn apart through war, poverty, hunger and disease. Exploitation and abuse are rife. The world sees the problem in its vastness. We see millions of individuals each being denied a future with opportunities.

How we Help?

Through generous donations we sponsor hundreds of orphans around the world. Donations pay for food, clothing, education and medicine for vulnerable children living in countries such as Somalia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Kenya, Gambia, Iraq, India, Kashmir, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. Quite simply, we offer a lifeline.

Many of the children in our care have never attended school. UMR provides the support necessary to get an education and gain qualifications or training. Donations help our children reach their full potential. We help finance orphans to attain professional or vocational qualifications that offer opportunities.

Orphan Sponsorship Pack

What do you get from sponsoring a child?

We will provide you with a personal folder that will contain a photograph of your sponsored child’s name, country of origin and brief history of the child with respect to the village the child resides in, past history and current status.

On an annual basis we will provide a more detailed report on the child’s medical status, education report and personal well-being report. These valuable reports will not only give you the donor confidence that your money has made a huge difference in the orphan’s life but will justify the value of our sponsorship scheme and how it can make a difference.

The greatest benefit that you will receive from Orphan Sponsorship Program is the satisfaction that your valuable donation is going to make one poor orphan have a better future that they could have imagined. The well wishes and prayers from that child’s heart to you is something so special that you will be proud you took on this unique commitment.

“I and the caretaker of an orphan in Paradise are like this [holding up two fingers joined together].” - Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)