Education and Livelihood

As we all know, the key to escaping poverty lies not in providing aid but in giving individuals and communities the opportunities and tools they need to better their lives and improve their prospects of a secure economic future.

Through supporting both education and livelihood programs, we work alongside families to find suitable economic solutions.

Girl’s Education in Pakistan

One big factor that prevents girls from attending school regularly is lack of sanitation facilities. They have no choice but to use the bushes where they often run the risk of being abused and assaulted. Also during their monthly cycle they have nowhere hygienic to go and therefore opt to stay at home, meaning they miss out on many weeks of school each year.

UMR is working in seven girls schools in Pakistan as part of our school upgrade program. As well as refurbishing and equipping computer labs in a number of schools in Auolak Bhaike and Rajhana District Toba Tek Singh, we are also constructing toilet facilities and installing latrines in these schools. We are also constructing latrines in schools situated in Pindi Said pur Jhelum and in Gajar Gola.

Mobile Education Bus for Syrian Refugees in Jordan

According to the Convention on the Rights of the Child as adopted by the UN General Assembly, every human being below the age of eighteen should be given special protection and must be given the adequate means and opportunities necessary for his/her physical, mental, moral and spiritual development. Although education ranks lower than stable income, food, medical care, and shelter on refugee families’ priority of needs, education is intrinsically linked to the economic and social situation of these families.
Literacy and numeracy are essential life skills. The Mobile Education Bus works to improve literacy, develops a positive attitude towards learning and is crucial to the academic and social development of young people. Despite the importance of reading and writing there are few opportunities for Syrian children in Jordan.

The Education Bus supports refugees by providing mobile school facilities and teachers to help children become confident and prepare them for life. Working mainly in make-shift camps and rural towns, our Education Bus aims to inspire the children by personalizing the education experience through story-telling, assisted reading practice, creative arts and interactive games. This simple and effective support is sustained by provision of books and resources to each child.

Give someone the tools they need to better their lives and improve their prospects