Make Bread, Not War

As a result of the last 6 years of devastating conflict in Syria, millions of people are trapped in rapidly deteriorating circumstances, lacking even the basics needed to survive, like food, water, shelter, hygiene facilities and healthcare.

The high price and unavailability of food means that many people have to walk or drive for long distances, which costs both time and money and can negatively impact their already poor health and stress levels.

UMR is working with our partners on the ground in Syria to deliver flour to local bakeries in the most devastated refugee communities. Your kind donations support effective and sustainable solutions that are lifting some of the most vulnerable families out of life threatening situations.


Bread-Family Supply

For only $25/a month or $300/a year

Bread-Community Supply

$150/a month, for 50 people

$300/a month, forĀ 125 people

$500/a month, forĀ 250 people

There has never been a more important time for you to make a difference in the lives of Syrian refugees.